Tia, 29

The lady, that I am, has a very busy, most interesting life. I've worked everyday at the Red Cross in human resources for 8 years. I am a very active member of Unity Fellowship Church in Buffalo, NY. My church and my relationship with God is a very important part of my life. When I'm not working or doing church activties, I'm shopping, reading,traveling, cooking, entertaining ,or playing with my dog Blu who is my everything. I have had my baby for years and I can't live without Blu.

I am a very special lady that loves to dress her butt off from head-to-toe. I am very down to earth, funny, talented, and love the outdoors.

I love life and I live it to the fullest.

Thanks everyone, God bless you all.


"Work with them, be uplifting, help them through their journey...Stay positive."